Weaning from Breastfeeding, A gentle approach to stopping Breastfeeding

Weaning From Breastfeeding Class €50

There is so much advice when starting out your breastfeeding journey, on how to get started and what to expect but when it comes to stopping breastfeeding, there is little to no information easily accessible.

Most will search the internet or ask a Health Care Provider for tips and advice but quite often they are told to ‘just stop’ or ‘let them cry it out’ much to a parent’s dismay. I firmly believe you can stop breastfeeding using a gentle approach for both you and your baby. I created this class, as I too found myself in the same position as you. Weaning my third child proved more challenging than I expected and I struggled to find a gentle approach that suited my parenting style. That is why, I am so passionate about helping parents in the same situation I was in.

In my class, I discuss why , when & how to stop breastfeeding depending on the age of your child. I allow time at the end for a live Q & A, so all class participants can give a summary of their current situation and I can offer tips and advice pertinent to your individual situation. I don’t stop until all questions are answered and everyone learns from other questions asked.

So if you are considering weaning from breastfeeding, no matter what age, then take my weaning from breastfeeding workshop. You won’t regret it!

What’s covered in the class:

  • Finish your breastfeeding journey on a high, feeling empowered & supported
  • Accessible worldwide, from any device via Zoom
  • Live Questions & Answer at the end

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