Newborn Care

NEWBORN CARE CONSULTATION: €165 Home Visit (depending on location)

1-1.5 hours max duration

Is this your first baby? Are you feeling over whelmed about taking your precious baby home? This is completely normal, the early days can be overwhelming and confusing. Learning all about our little ones personality and what they are trying to tell us can take time. Support is crucial and having an expert on Newborn Care to advise can really empower you.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ as they say!

Katie now offers to come to your home to educate & demonstrate the many tasks essential to Newborn Care.
This is an opportunity to speak to an expert, to ask your questions in the comfort of your home. First time parents generally have tons of questions and Katie is happy to answer them all.

What happens during the consultation:

Take a detailed maternal & infant history.
Work in partnership with the family as to goals they hope to achieve from the consultation.
Hands on practice with bathing, nappy changing, cord care, eye care, skin care etc.

Advice re feeding:
Advice on how to sterilise, make up formula bottles, volume of feeds, types of formula, winding etc.
Ask advise re breastfeeding, tips will be provided for improving latch & positioning but it will not be as in depth as the breastfeeding consultation.
Overview of normal newborn behaviours explained.

I will leave you feeling more confident and empowered to care for your gorgeous bundle.

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