Newborn Care Class


NOTE: This is a live class, recordings or slides are not available.

Are you due a baby in the coming months?

Is this your first baby and feeling over whelmed with what happens after your baby is born?

Many first time parents have little or no experience of Newborns and so the early days and weeks can be very daunting and scary.

Katies class aims to help you as parents navigate the early days of parenthood as easily as possible in these challenging times.

As a Public Health Nurse, Katie sees how over whelmed Parents can be when they arrive home with their most precious bundle and realising they are on their own. No hospital buzzer to press, no Midwife coming in offering support.

Katie understands completely being a Mom to 4 kids. This led Katie to create a class tailored exclusively around the care of the Newborn. Starting with the basics of handling baby, nappy changing right up to vaccinations, common infant illnesses & more.

This is an intensive 2 hour class with plenty of time for questions.

This class is more in depth than any other class you will find advertised.

Hosted by an expert with over 20 years’ experience of working with Newborns & families as a Paediatric & Public health Nurse. Katie brings all her experience coupled with the practical tips as a mom of 4 to guide you on your parenting journey.

Attend from anywhere in the world

Accessible from any device: iPad, Laptop, Phone.

What’s covered:

  • Handling a newborn
  • Bonding, Soothing, Swaddling
  • Nappy changing & Bathing
  • Skin , Cord, Eye & Nail care
  • Feeding :Breastfeeding & Formula feeding, Winding
  • Positioning – Safe Sleep
  • Plagiocephaly ( Flat head syndrome) & Tummy time
  • PHN Service
  • Newborn Screening
  • Vaccinations
  • Common infant illnesses
  • And so much more……
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