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Antenatal Consultation

€150 (Online)

A one-to-one consultation is tailored to each individual client.

 Topics generally covered:

  • Harvesting colostrum
  • The early days of breastfeeding-what to expect
  • Establishing supply
  • Achieving an optimal latch
  • Feeding positions
  • Red flags: when things may not be going well, who & where to get help from
  • Storage of breastmilk
  • Combine feeding/ bottles/paced feeding

Benefits of a personalised 1 to 1 consultation.

  • Detailed history taken regarding your pregnancy, discussion regarding delivery and how that may impact your feeding journey
  • Receive my personalised booklet which serves to refresh the memory when baby arrives. Don’t forget to pop it in your hospital bag too.
  • You will get priority for a postnatal consultation should you need one
  • If you have had a previous breastfeeding journey that you found difficult and upsetting, then we will discuss it to ensure it doesn’t impact your future journey.

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