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Postnatal Home Consultation

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1 HOUR Postnatal Home Consultation

Receipts provided (Most health Insurance policies will reimburse for lactation consultation. Check with your provider)

Katie is passionate about supporting Parents & their Infants. Katie will listen to your concerns, provide evidence-based information, options and problem solving strategies and will work in partnership to support and assist you to develop the skills necessary to implement the changes you desire.

A follow up email within 24hours of consultation detailing what was discussed during the consult will be provided. Follow up support via email/phone for 2 weeks which can include an updated plan should circumstances change. 

During a Postnatal breastfeeding consultation we can:

  • Identify and explore any issues you may be experiencing
  • Assess the latch and attachment
  • Devise a care plan in consultation with you, to help you achieve your feeding goals. Take a detailed history of your pregnancy, birth, and aftercare. Also, baby’s medical & feeding history since birth will be recorded. 
  • Assessment of your baby, your breasts and a breastfeed.
  • Tongue Tie assessment: Carry out an oral assessment & assess tongue function. Refer on to Tongue Tie Practitioner if required
  • Nipple issues
  • Low supply & over supply
  • Prematurity and immature/uncoordinated suck reflex
  • Discuss combination feeding/paced feeding 

Katie will advise on pumping and milk storage, what to expect in the early days/weeks & what is normal Newborn behaviour. Katie will offer reassurance and answer all those niggling questions you may have. Katie will always give evidence-based education with regards to breastfeeding. At the end of the visit, you will be equipped with the knowledge, confidence and a personal plan to give you the best possible start to achieve your feeding goals

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