Providing support and advice to nursing mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey


Providing support and advice to nursing mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey


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About Katie & Nursing Mama

Nursing Mama started out offering Breastfeeding Preparation classes locally in the Kildare area. Due to Covid, all support services for new parents stopped and so Nursing Mama moved online. The Newborn Care class was then created to support, educate & empower parents in Newborn Care. The Weaning Class quickly followed due to the increasing number of clients seeking help to stop Breastfeeding and has been very popular to date. Nursing Mama offers in person consults within Kildare, Dublin and online Worldwide.

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Did you know how the valve is positioned can impact your output?

I for one, did not until quite recently!

Do you use this valve and if so let me know if you were aware if this?

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Have you been told that if you keep feeding your baby to sleep you will never be able to leave them or they will never sleep through?

It's coming up to the festive period and that means lots of gatheringa which brings lots of unwanted advice from friends & family. While it comes from a good place, its not always accurate or research based.

Did you know that it's normal for babies to fall asleep on the breast. It's also normal for night feeds up to 1.5years. Does that mean it has to work for you - absolutely not but it is normal.

Normalising infant sleep is important because we have been made to believe all babies should sleep through the night from a very young age . Every baby is different just as every breastfeeding journey is different and you can't state that no babies require a feed overnight.

Lets normalise this.... Tell me, when did your breastfed baby sleep through the night?

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What an evening at Luggwoods! We have done many different santa experiences over the years but this was our favourite by far. The kids loved every minute.

The elves were so good with each of the kids and Santa took time to chat with each of the kids and they came away bursting with excitement for Christmas 🎄

If you have kids of different ages then this is our top pick.

If you have booked in already, you will have a blast!!
It really was the best way to kick off the Christmas Festivities 🎄 and then home to snuggle up for the Late Late Toy Show.

What a night, lots of memories made❤

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The information contained on this website is not intended, nor implied to be, a substitute for professional medical advice or an in-person consultation with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).  If you are concerned about your health or that of your child, please consult your primary healthcare provider for specific medical advice. 

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