Providing support and advice to nursing mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey


Providing support and advice to nursing mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey





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About Katie & Nursing Mama

Nursing Mama started out offering Breastfeeding Preparation classes locally in the Kildare area. Due to Covid, all support services for new parents stopped and so Nursing Mama moved online. The Newborn Care class was then created to support, educate & empower parents in Newborn Care. The Weaning Class quickly followed due to the increasing number of clients seeking help to stop Breastfeeding and has been very popular to date. Nursing Mama offers in person consults within Kildare, Dublin and online Worldwide.

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Parents always ask me- 'How do I know if breastfeeding is going well? And these are the 3 pointers I always give....

Look at your baby, are they happy and content after feeds? This is a positive sign! OR is baby agitated, fussy,irriatable when off the breast. Do they want to feed continously with no break- this is a red flag!

Output is a great indicater for parents in the early days. From day 5 - baby should have 5-6+Wet nappies daily. Dirty nappies should be yellow,mustard in colour and 2 daily,this will vary from baby to baby. More 💩 the better.

Weight is also a key factor that must be considered. Up to 10% may occur but from around day 4 we should see weight starting to gain again. Roughly 150-200gm weight gain is expected weekly .weight is only 1 aspect, a breastfeed must be assessed and all factors must be considered.

Hope this helps, SAVE & SHARE this with all.

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Returning to work after maternity leave- this is for you!

This can be a very stressful and anxious time for many parents.

Some of you you may be delighted to get back to some routine while others dread the return of work life.

It's normal for your emotions to be running high- feeling stressed,anxious,overwhelmed, upset,tearful, I could keep going.

Recognise them and understand its normal. Speak to your partner/family/friends.

Have everything prepared in advanced. Leave earlier to allow you catch your breath, when you leave your baby with their caregiver and walk out the door. Tears may or may not be shed. The first day is always toughest, it gets easier.

Don't fear you have forgotten everything or that your brain won't function like it did previously.... it all comes back😉

Be prepared for your emotions ,whatever they may be.

Sending hugs to you if you are preparing to return to work.... tell me below-how you are feeling?

If you have returned ,what helped your transition back to work?

Let's help each other 💜

Breastmilk collectors or Silicone Breastmilk Pump

These can be your best friend or worst enemy.

They can be great at collecting a little extra milk for a stash to be used at a later time but if used excessively can lead to oversupply.

If applied with suction they collect more than your letdown and if used before baby has had a chance to feed from that breast you are now taking milk away from baby that they would have taken.

When you move baby over to the fresh breast mid feed, apply to the breast previously used to collect the residual milk left.

Have you got one? Do you love or hate it? Tell me in the comments 👇

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My second giveaway for World Breastfeeding Week.

Again, I have purchased these myself and I am not affiliated with any company.

I do love these silver cups but they need to be used correctly otherwise they can cause more issues for some.

Silver is a natural antimicrobial and very effective in the healing process.

A moist wound environment is needed for wound healing but too moist and it can lead to wound breakdown. It's all about balance.

Do not use any other product with these.

To be part of the giveaway all you have to do is :
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Winner picked Sunday evening.

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