Providing support and advice to nursing mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey


Providing support and advice to nursing mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey



About Katie & Nursing Mama

Nursing Mama started out offering Breastfeeding Preparation classes locally in the Kildare area. Due to Covid, all support services for new parents stopped and so Nursing Mama moved online. The Newborn Care class was then created to support, educate & empower parents in Newborn Care. The Weaning Class quickly followed due to the increasing number of clients seeking help to stop Breastfeeding and has been very popular to date. Nursing Mama offers in person consults within Kildare, Dublin and online Worldwide.

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Simple pumping hacks...

I`m not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but these simple tips can really help Mom`s, so spread the word..

Save and share with your friends!

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💥New podcast episode released this morning- The Baby Tribe💥

In todays episode, we chat about colic, what it is, and tips to help you manage it.

As I tell all parents, colic is not a diagnosis! It`s simply a symptom of an issue. In order to manage it, it`s important to find out what`s causing it.

Colic is distressing for babies, parents, and caregivers. So tune in and listen to our new episode all about this topic.

Have you experienced colic? Tell me your experience below.

Listen to our podcast on all platforms and let us know your thoughts via and follow us both on Instagram @afif.elkhuffash and

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💥Every breastfeeding mother should be taught this before discharge from hospital💥

Honestly, breast compressions are a breastfeeding mothers best friend!

They help to increase the volume of milk transferred to the baby during a feed. They can help to reduce prolonged feeds and keep a sleepy baby stimulated at the breast.

They are such a fantastic tool that can be a game changer in the early days.

Have you used them?

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There is no need to cut anything out of your diet because you are breastfeeding.....

If you are a coffee lover like myself, then you can still enjoy yours.

It is considered safe to have up to 300mg of caffeine daily while breastfeeding, which is about 2-3 cups of coffee/day. (CDC2020)

A standard cup of coffee has about has about 96mg while a cup of tea has about 47mg.

If you feel your intake may be affecting your baby, then consider substituting with decaffeinated coffee.

Are you a coffee lover ☕️?

It kept me functioning 🤣

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