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Caring for your Newborns Cord

Many new parents feel scared and overwhelmed when caring for their newborn in the early days so don’t worry, you are not alone! The umbilical cord is one area that’s causes many anxieties for parents. Is it normal? Should it look like that? I don’t know a single parent who hasn’t googles it at some

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The let down reflex

Have you been asked ‘ Do you feel your letdown?’ and think to yourself… what the hell is she asking me? Well lets chat all about The so called Let Down reflex. Also referred to as the milk ejection reflex, this is where the milk starts flowing from the breast. Imagine a waterfall or Power

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The first week of breastfeeding, what I need to know?

Breastfeeding: The First Hour You have probably attended the antenatal classes, read the books and contacted the support groups locally. You are off to a really good start but do you know what to expect straight off? Skin To Skin Should Be A Priority Immediately after birth (as long as mother and baby are well)

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Put a sock on it!

Have you heard of the pumping hack that went viral? So its pumping time and you are sitting under a pump, listening to the wish-woshing of your pumping machine expecting ounce after ounce to be flowing in. After what seems like ages, you decide to have a peak at all the yummy breastmilk collecting in

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How to Increase your milk supply by pumping

So, you have done what you read in the books; perfect the latch and feed on demand yet your supply is still causing you issues. I hear you, WHY? How can I improve the situation? For different reasons individual to each woman, supply can cause issues and the sooner they are addressed the better the

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