Colostrum Harvesting Packs

Colostrum Harvesting Packs


Introducing the Ultimate Colostrum Harvesting Pack – Everything You Need to Begin Your Journey!

Are you an expecting mother looking to provide the best nutrition for your newborn? Look no further than our comprehensive Colostrum Harvesting Pack! This thoughtfully curated kit has been designed to make the process of collecting and storing precious colostrum as easy and convenient as possible.

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What's Included:
7 x 1ml Sterile Colostrum Syringes with Caps:

These sterile, single-use syringes are perfect for safely and accurately collecting your colostrum, ensuring you can measure each precious drop with precision.

1 x 2.5ml Sterile Spoon:

Ideal for those moments when you prefer a different method of harvesting colostrum. This spoon is sterile and designed for ease of use.

2 x 10ml Syringes with Caps:

These larger syringes offer versatility and convenience for collecting and storing larger quantities of colostrum.

2 x 20ml Sterile Colostrum Containers:

These containers are perfect for storing larger volumes of colostrum securely. Their sterile design ensures the utmost hygiene.

11 Customized Labels:

Stay organized with our custom labels designed to fit these containers. These labels are freezer-safe and help you easily track and date your stored colostrum.

1 x Hand Expressing Technique Instruction Card with QR Code:

Mastering the art of colostrum expression is made simple with our included instructional card. Scan the QR code to access a professionally edited video demonstration, providing step-by-step guidance for a stress-free experience.

Storage Bag for Freezing:

Keep your collected colostrum safe and well-organized in our specially designed storage bag. It's perfect for storing colostrum in the freezer until you need it.

Please Note:

The health and safety of both mother and baby are of paramount importance. Always consult with your healthcare provider before beginning the process of harvesting your colostrum. They can provide personalized guidance and ensure that this process aligns with your specific health needs.

In summary, our Colostrum Harvesting Pack is the complete solution for mothers seeking to collect and store this invaluable nourishment for their newborns. With its comprehensive set of tools and resources, you’ll be well-prepared for this crucial part of your parenting journey. Start your colostrum harvesting journey today with confidence and convenience – choose our Ultimate Colostrum Harvesting Pack!

Refund and Returns Policy for Antenatal Expression Packs

At Nursing Mama, we are committed to providing you with high-quality antenatal expression packs. However, due to the nature of the product, returns are not accepted for change of mind or refunds made if incorrect shipping address is provided.

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