Weaning From Breastfeeding Class

Weaning From Breastfeeding Class


Weaning From Breastfeeding:
How to stop in a gentle and positive way!

This new online weaning from breastfeeding course is the first of its kind available in Ireland.

Over the years, I have had an increasing number of consults relating to the weaning process and this led me to create this unique Weaning from Breastfeeding course. I too, was one of those parents who felt completely lost and overwhelmed when I tried to stop feeding my 3rd child. After a really lovely breastfeeding journey, I was ready to stop but my son had different ideas.

I didn’t know where to turn so I started researching and educating myself. I have now put my knowledge and experience (professional and personal) together to create this content so you can have an easier journey.

Deciding when is the right time to wean is completely subjective and unique to you and your baby. However, weaning can prove more challenging than when starting out breastfeeding and so should not be dismissed. Weaning slowly not only allows baby to accept this transition easier but also allows your body time to adjust to the drop in demand.

If you are considering weaning from breastfeeding or know it’s coming in the not too distant future, then this course is for you!

Maybe you are in the throes of weaning and struggling, feeling lost and confused – then this course is for you too.

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What's covered in this weaning from breastfeeding course:

Watch the introduction video on this page. 

In this module we cover,

  • Reasons why you Might Want to Stop
  • Misinterpereting When Baby is Ready to Wean
  • When is the Right Time

In this module we cover,

  • Gradual Weaning Under Six Months Discussed
  • Bottle Introduction/Refusal
  • Bottle Introduction Download
  • How to Drop a Feed
  • Bottle Types
  • Formula Types and Volumes

In this module we cover Your Body.

In this module we cover,

  • Gradual Weaning Over Six Months Discussed
  • One Year and Into Toddlerhood

In this module we cover Abrupt Weaning.

In this module we cover,

  • Sleep and Breastfeeding
  • Issues Mom may Encounter
  • How Weaning may Affect Your Emotions

A final note from Katie.