Put a sock on it!

Have you heard of the pumping hack that went viral?

So its pumping time and you are sitting under a pump, listening to the wish-woshing of your pumping machine expecting ounce after ounce to be flowing in. After what seems like ages, you decide to have a peak at all the yummy breastmilk collecting in the bottles and excitedly you look down in despair at a measly 10mls……. Drip, drip, drip!

How can this be, what the hell is going on? This is not how I imagined it!

This my friends is the Law of Pumping. Much like a watched kettle will never boil, so too will a watched pumping bottle never fill.

The very clever IBCLC Johanna Sargeant from Zurich, Switzerland came up with a clever trick that went viral practically overnight. Many of you may ask, how has no one come up with it sooner and your right…

Simply place a sock over your pumping bottles so you cant see that drip- drip -drip which in turn reduces the stress during the pumping session.
Johanna goes on to say

“Some women are reporting often 2-3 times more milk when they remove themselves mentally from the result of their pumping session!”

Like wow, who would have thought something so simple could have such a positive impact.

To be honest , I could never get newborn socks to stay on my babies so this is a much better use for them!!!

Have you tried this?

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