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The let down reflex

Have you been asked ‘ Do you feel your letdown?’ and think to yourself… what the hell is she asking me? Well lets chat all about The so called Let Down reflex.

Also referred to as the milk ejection reflex, this is where the milk starts flowing from the breast. Imagine a waterfall or Power hose!!

Once baby starts sucking at the breast ,it releases the hormone oxytocin (commonly known as the love hormone) which causes the the tiny muscles to contract around where your milk collects making the milk to flow.

During your Let down you may see your baby gulping quickly often at the start of a feed. Remember you don’t just have 1 let down per feed but often don’t feel the subsequent ones. Likewise, not all mothers feel that tingling, fuzziness, tickling that is often used to describe the let down reflex.

You may feel it in the early days but not as much with an older baby.
I don’t feel it as much now but if I haven’t fed a jack in a long time and I hear a baby cry or I think of jack I will have one!! Its crazy how our body works!!

If you don’t feel your letdown here’s some tips to indicate you are having one:
Your baby will change their sucking pattern from short quick sucks to long rhythmic sucks.
You will hear more audible swallows to sucks as your baby takes in more milk due to the faster flow. You may also feel more thirsty.

Here’s a little tip if you feel that tingling sensation kicking off and you are out and about without your baby….. no one wants wet patches huh!! Fold your arms, putting pressure over your nipples to suppress the flow & don’t forget the breast pads!!
You may feel more thirsty.

How would you best describe it?


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